Welcome to Silver Star Miniature Horse Farm

Welcome to Silver Star Miniature Horses

I have some stock available for sale, as I have retired from breeding horses.

Many of our horses will retire with us; some are over 20 years of age. There are horses that we have kept and never bred with, because they were what we wanted to achieve in our breeding program and there was no point in breeding them on, we just enjoy them as they are.

Of course there are some favorites and older stock that I would like to keep, but if I find the right home I might be persuaded to sell some of them.

I have stock that are not listed on the sales page, so please contact me if you are looking for show, breeding or pet stock.

Silver Star Miniature Horses are located 20 km North of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Over many years we bred our horses down in height from our spotted horse line that combined Thoroughbred, Riding Pony, Welsh and some part Arabian horses in its lineage. We paid meticulous attention to the horses we selected and added to our breeding program. Each horse was studied and chosen for the characteristics that would improve the appearance, conformation and movement of our miniature horse line.

We selectively bred our horses for balanced conformation, with the smooth blending of neck, back and hip of equal length to insure a good moving horse and one that excels in performance. Our horses are bred to be natural, balanced athletes that excell in the show ring.